BMA Technology

BMA Technology has delivered the systems developed for the world's first LNG-Battery hybrid live fish carrier.

All electrical and automation systems of Bjørg Pauline, the world's first LNG-Battery hybrid live fish transport ship, have been successfully delivered. BMA Technology has broken a new ground with the solutions it offers for the fuel system and the propeller drive system in the DNV-GL approved project, where it acts as the electrical system integrator.

Control and Safety Systems of LNG fuel tanks, which are the primary energy source of the ship, satisfy all customer, class and authority requirements with superior redundancy and fault resistance.

Energy storage systems and energy management system (EMS), which will support LNG generators developed as a result of R&D studies, have also been implemented by BMA Technology. During the ship's operations, fuel efficiency and service continuity will be maximized by applying peak shaving (load balancing) and spinning reserve applications.

The 6 MW power required by the propellers will also be provided by the BMA Technology designed propulsion motor drive system. All propeller motor drives, control and interface systems of the ship, including main propellers, bow and stern thrusters, have been delivered to the customer.

Each part of the project, which includes the Shore Converter, Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS), Power Management System (PMS), main panel and other electrical systems, which allows 50Hz and 60Hz shore connection at various voltage levels, was designed by our Turkish engineers.